This is an old pic I took of one of my friends. We went to the sea, and she told me her boyfriend broke her heart that day. And oh god oh god she was so sad. She took off all of her clothes and jumped in the water without saying a word. I watched her swimming so far and then coming back. When she walked out she sat near the water and I took this picture of her. I’ll never forget her.


I had to go find this again because of the dress code announcement today.

still one of my faves

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compliment a girl on something other than her looks

"I remember crying over you and I lost so many tears. Now I’m here and I don’t know why I ever cared so much about you."

- sad-idol (via sad-idol)

"There are some things that no matter how many shots you’ve taken, you still don’t tell anyone."

- Heather Vance (via volatilebodies)

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